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18 February 2011 @ 10:43 pm
God this show is sooooo good! With the long hiatus I'd forgotten how amazing it had become by the end of last season, and it is just keeping going with the awesomeness. I love Timothy/Raylan so frakking much, and I am just shipping Raylan/Winona like WOAH! And I'm glad this episode had a lot of Tim (the character) cos I kinda really love him too, and man he's an amazing shot.

Ignoring how much of an irredeemable dick Pierce was, and how I don't understand how any of the group (especially Jeff) are still talking to him, this episode was utter perfection, and definitely one of my favourite that the show has done.
I laughed so hard through all of it, especially every single second of Troy. I jump back and forth a lot over who my favourite character is, but I really shouldn't because it's Troy, hands down. Donald Glover is a god!
I ship Jeff/Annie so damn hard that even just having them sit next to each other is enough to make me squee like a crazy person, especially when he had his arm round he back of her chair, they looked so coupley :)
Pierce saying Annie was his favourite was cute.
But of all the amazing moments (and there were LOTS) the best was the Firefly mention, just made me love Troy more.

Another show that made me laugh from beginning to end. All the Ben stuff was just GOLD! Adam Scott is a fantastic edition to the cast. I don't know what was funnier; the complete inability to talk during the radio interview, or the breakdown during the TV one, just so much funniness.
And then to top it all of - ANDY/APRIL!!! Yays, finally! I am so glad that didn't take too long, I'm just hoping they won't get ruined now that (I'm assuming) they're together. And I loved having Ron being a part of getting them together.

Really great episode, but I'm just not OMG!loving the show atm, and I don't know why. It might just be the lack of any momentum in the Damon/Elena stuff that's starting to annoy me, stop selling the show as a love triangle if it's gonna continue being all one-sided.
But aside from that, Damon, Alaric and Elijah are all BAMF! And I love them so! And the Damon/Alaric stuff has been amazing, more of that please show.
No Caroline made me sad, but there was lot's of Alaric to make up for it.
The Stefan flashbacks were kinda fun, but nothing that really surprised me. And him saying that he was worse than Damon just makes all his judginess towards him even more douchey. I still love you Stefan though.
Elena was pretty damn badass, I was really loving her this episode.
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Beccy: VD ~ Damon/Elena 21epic_love on February 19th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
I can't not ship on this show, there are so many pairings that are just too adorable, hee. But yes, the show needs to stop selling it as a triangle if it's never gonna become one.