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08 March 2011 @ 04:26 pm
I can't believe how sad I am that it's over, I've always loved Greek but it's never been one of my big obsessions, but watching the finale I just realized how much I LOVE each and every one of the characters, and how much I just wanna keep watching them.
But I am really happy with how it ended, especially CAPPIE/CASEY!!! I was really worried when they broke up last season that the show wouldn't have time to put them back together, and then when they got back together so quickly I was scared that they'd fall apart again just as fast, but they made it to the end, and they basically drove off into the sunset together, so I'm a happy shipper :)
This episode also made me realize how much all the characters have grown, while still staying essentially the same. The show never threw anyone off on weird out of characters tangents, they all stayed exactly who they've always been, but just grew up. Especially Cappie, he's come so far, and we know his name! Captain John Paul Jones, hee! I so thought it'd be way worse.
Watching the KT house be destroyed was actually really traumatizing, but I loved EVERYONE coming together to try and save it. EVAN! Evan chose Cappie and KT over doing well in law school, I was so freaking proud.
I'm just really gonna miss all the characters so much, and this coming so soon after FNL ending is not fun. Ooh, Dale finally kissed Casey, that was freaking awesome. I may have to do a re-watch from the beginning sometime soon. ETA: Almost forgot, one of the most important things - TOM LENK!!! I miss Andrew.
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